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If you’re reading this page, you probably made it here from Youtube.  That most likely means you’re either considering buying P90X but want to make sure it works first…or you’re currently doing P90X and have questions or need help in one way or another. Or maybe you purchased P90X at some point, started doing it and gave up…or worse yet, never even opened the box!

To address the first issue of whether or not P90X works, take a look at my before and after pictures below and that should answer your question.  Those results are 100% the result of P90X.

p90x youtube

And another side by side comparison…

p90x transformation

So yes P90X does work…and works well.  By the way, P90X consists of intense workouts and eating properly…so how could it NOT work? Right?

Whether you’re looking to get started, are currently doing P90X, or want to start again after an unsuccessful attempt, I can help you out.

Already own P90X and need some help? Have questions?  Struggling with the nutrition?  Click here to make me your coach and I’ll help you (it’s free).  I get a LOT of emails every day so I have to give priority to those who have me as their assigned coach.  If you already have a Team Beachbody account or you already have a coach but want to switch to me, click here to find out how to make the switch.


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  1. John says:

    Hey man,

    I weigh the same as you did when you started. I am really dedicated to transforming my life and getting in shape. I just ordered it and will be recieving it soon to get started. I was wondering if you have any pointers for me or nutrition tips. Any help will be awsome thanks.

    • Coach Dan says:

      Hey John…congrats on making the decision to get in shape! Nutrition is of course critical to getting good results. Your P90X package will include a nutrition guide so definitely read through that before you get started. After that, if you have any more specific questions, feel free to contact me either through this site or you can reach me on Facebook…I just sent you a friend request there.

  2. Courtney says:

    Hey! Congrats on completing the program, you amazing results! I know how hard it is, I currently am on my fourth week. I’m seeing results in my performance, but not so much my weight. I have trouble sticking to the food guide because I’m a student and can’t really afford it. Any tips on how to stick to eating healthy cheap?

  3. Habib says:

    Hey man, the video you did is great! My friend told me about p90x about 6 months ago but i really didn’t do anything about it. But after some research I’m really thinking about starting it very some. i have one question that i hope you can answer. i really don’t want to lose weight, in fact, i want to gain some, but mainly i want to build muscle mass. i was wondering if p90x is right for me.

    • Coach Dan says:

      Yes you can build mass with P90X, you just have to make sure you’re eating the right amount of healthy calories and go heavy with the weights. I’ll actually be writing a post about gaining mass with P90X this week. If you get P90X with this link http://p90x.coachdanrecommends.com it will automatically assign me as your P90X coach and I can help you out.

  4. Jessie Gilroy says:

    Congrats on the change ! I’m just wondering how much you paid for this overall, and how long did the package take to get to you ?
    And, I’m only 17, and I’m 138, not looking to lose a bunch of weight, just hoping to get in shape and tone myself out, I’m also a smoker, and i don’t exercise much, how brutal is this going to be ?

    • Coach Dan says:

      The P90X program costs $120…I don’t remember how long it took to arrive, maybe a week or so. It’ll definitely be tough at first, especially being a smoker, but it’s doable. They show you how to modify the various exercises if you’re unable to do them initially. Quitting smoking obviously should be your first step.

  5. kelvin says:

    hi , so you used p90x and a few other like ínsanity or any thing, to get that results Or you use just only p90x , Im thin does p90x make me bigger

    • Coach Dan says:

      The results pictures you see are from P90X only. I’ve since added P90X Plus and Insanity as well just to keep things interesting. Yes you can gain mass with P90X…it’s all about eating properly and using heavy weights if you want to get bigger.

  6. kyle says:

    hey im 15 and im 6 foot 192 butt im riped like 15 % body fat. iv been off and on this im starting it back up again. well i still see a inprovment if i do like more then half way throw the video cuz its a little hard?

    • Coach Dan says:

      Sure you’ll still see some results, after all doing half the workout is better than none at all. What you can do though is just use the pause button when needed and modify some of the moves to enable yourself to make it through the whole workout. As always though, proper nutrition is the real key to getting good results.

  7. Jonathan says:


    Would I see different or inferior results if I use resistance bands as opposed to dumbells? Are there resistance bands that you recommend? I have a gym membership that I use about five days a week already. Should I keep it and use the dumbells there for that part of the P90x workouts?

    • Coach Dan says:

      You can definitely get good results with resistance bands. Personally I prefer to use dumbbells and my opinion is that you’ll get perhaps a little bit better results with dumbbells. If you do go with resistance bands, these are the ones I recommend http://bitly.com/bandsp90x

      You could do your P90X workouts that require dumbbells at the gym…I do know of some people who do that. Some bring a laptop to play the DVD on, or you can bring the worksheets and do it on your own without the DVD.

      If you don’t own P90X yet, you can get a legitimate copy here http://www.homefitnessfanatic.com/get-p90x …there are a ton of fakes out there that often don’t work. I got burned initially buying from Amazon, got a pirated copy that froze in my DVD player!

  8. Charlie says:

    Your awesome man. I’m 18, 6 foot even. I’m 195ish and want to get abs and arms. If I do p90x in 90 days will I have a body like you or is there more to it? If I also jog will I get a slimmer muscle body? I kind of have man boobs and a gut with man handles. I want kind of the zac efron hollywood body. I’m starting p90x tomorrow. Should I do lean or regular or doubles?

    • Coach Dan says:

      Well I can’t say exactly what your body will look like as everyone is different, but if you crush the workouts and nail the nutrition part of it, you’ll get results. The pics you see of me are from 90 days of P90X, that’s it…no other gym workouts or anything like that. So you can see what’s possible. You can’t ignore the nutrition part though. If you do extra cardio like jogging or doing doubles then you’ll get a leaner look. I would suggest doing the classic version, or if you feel you’re up to it and really want the lean, ripped look then do doubles.

      • Charlie says:

        Thanks man, I think I will do doubles then. How do I make you my coach? And also I can afford all the fancy drinks and what not so if I just had a whey/casein protien drink in the morning and after my workouts would that be good?

        • Coach Dan says:

          You can make me your coach by clicking here and creating a free Team Beachbody account. If you already have a Team Beachbody account, you can make me your coach by following the instructions here. As for protein drinks, yes if you’re not getting enough protein in your diet then a protein drink would be good.

  9. Brendan says:


    Hey man that was an unbelievable transformation. I am 16 years old, 6’0 and 181lbs, and lost about 5lbs since the begining. I am on week 8 of P90x and have been eating well but still don’t see much of the change in my gut area, especially the sides. I am working out realy hard, and eating well pretty wll. I was wondering what I should do to help? Thanks for the help!

    • Coach Dan says:

      Hey Brendan…my advice would be to just keep at it. The gut is usually the last thing to go on guys. Nutrition will account for 80% of your results so make sure you pay attention to that. Eating “pretty well” usually doesn’t cut it…follow what the nutrition guide says!

  10. Brendan says:

    Thanks real quick is this a good day of eating?

    Breakfest: Oatmeal with a banana, and water…ceeros with strawberries and protein shake…eggs with whole wheat toast and water

    Snack: Protein Bar

    Lunch: Ham, turkey, cheese (low fat), whole wheat bread, mustard. With an apple, carrots and water.

    Snack: Changes, usually a handful of pretzles, grapes, and cheese (low fat)

    Dinners: Chicken, or steak, or healthy home made dishes, with salad, brocklie, sometimes potato, and others with water

    These are usually my daily meals, anthing to change or add that could help? Thanks again for you time and help, I just really want to benifet!

    • Coach Dan says:

      It actually looks pretty good Brendan. Just make sure you’re taking in the right amount of calories in the right macronutrient ratios (proteins/carbs/fat). That is all explained in the nutrition guide. You can track that stuff on a site like myfitnesspal.com, fitday. com, livestrong.com…or you can use a smart phone app. MyFitnessPal is available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

  11. Fern says:

    Hi Dan
    After watching a few weightloss videos on youtube, I came across yours. First, Congrats on your success. There are sooooo many weightloss gimmicks out there, its hard to chose one that is really genuine and garunteed to work.
    I’m 25 yrs old, a female at 342 lbs my 1st goal is to drop 100 lbs. I am not a lazy person and have no problem with strenous exercises im very flexible, but 2 years ago i damaged ligaments in my right knee, its fine now until i start exercising again and it becomes easier to come out of place…Do you think I would be able to modify exercises that would affect my knee without changing the most of the workout? Also about the meal plan, I currently work 16 hours a day 5 days a week i hardly get to see a kitchen… i usually live off of snack and on the go foods. I drink lots a water though. Do you think P90x can help me?

    • Coach Dan says:

      Hi Fern…first, I can guarantee you that P90X is not a gimmick. It’s hard work and proper nutrition, a combo that always works. Although it was originally designed for people who are already in decent shape, there have been many many people who needed to lose 100 lbs or more that have had great success with it. The nice thing about the program is that they do show you how to modify the exercises if needed. I modified a LOT at the beginning, nothing wrong with doing that.

      Proper nutrition will be very important to getting good results. Snacking and on the go foods are ok as long as they’re healthy…you just have to plan ahead. For example, instead of reaching for a bag of chips or a candy bar out of the vending machine, pack some fruit or cut up veggies with hummus dip, or some raw almonds etc. Shakeology is also very helpful in this situation.

      Should you decide to give it a go, using one of the two links below will automatically make me your free coach. I’d love to help you out.

      P90X basic package
      P90X Peak results package (includes needed equipment)

  12. Bob says:

    Hey Dan

    I’m 51 years old. Got out of the military 14 years ago at 184 lbs in great shape (5’9″). I had gotten all the way up to 289 lbs (desk jockey) before I got serious about losing some weight. Using Adkins, I have lost 40 lbs (now 250 lbs). I have had surgery on my knee to fix a tore meniscus – seems to be doing great. Wanted your feedback on trying the program. Thanks

    • Coach Dan says:

      Hey Bob…congrats on the weight loss thus far. As long as your knee is feeling ok, I think you should be fine to try P90X. They show you ways to modify the various moves to make it lower impact if necessary. The smart thing to do though would be to get the ok from your doctor regarding your knee before starting!

  13. Zin says:

    Hi Dan!
    WOw! Your results were great! I have started and stopped P90X 2-3X and quit each time at either week 3 or 4. WHY???
    I feel mentally fatigued…emotionally drained. The physical workout is not the problem.
    Honestly, it’s kinda boring. I find myself telling Tony Horton to shut-up…and the T.V. is muted!
    Is this apathy natural? Is this turn-off at week 3-4 common?
    Is it nutrition? I get a HUGE high the first few days…followed by the HUGE low…then the desire to keep trying…but then I’m out.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am trying it again on the 30th of Jan…SOON!
    Best Zen to you,

    • Coach Dan says:

      Thanks Zin. It’s pretty common actually to quit after a few weeks. Personally, I just decided I was going to get in shape and there was nothing that was going to stop me. Even on those days when I didn’t feel like working out, I did it anyways and always felt great afterward. At a certain point it just starts to become a habit and something you miss if you don’t do it. I really started to notice big changes in my body around the 6-7 week mark which made me even more motivated to keep going.

      I wrote a post about staying motivated, maybe something in there will click with you: http://www.homefitnessfanatic.com/321/staying-motivated-with-p90x

      I also have a private Facebook group for the people I coach which really seems to help a lot of people keep going. There are over 140 of us in there helping each other out and keeping each other motivated. If you want to make me your free coach, you can do so by clicking here. If you already have a Team Beachbody account and want to switch coaches to me, look for the “Coaching Switch” tab at the very top of the page to find out how to do that.

  14. Jeremy says:

    Hi Dan,

    Great to see you are helping so many people and that you have had such great results. I am considering getting the program but I am not sure if it will help me with my goal. I am 6’2, 180lbs and pretty slender. My problem is that my chest suffers from the case of the man boobs. Do you think that this program will be able to help me with that?


    • Coach Dan says:

      Hey Jeremy…looks like you’re a local guy and a fellow Spartan? I’m in the Detroit area and an MSU grad. Anyway, yes I think P90X would be a good choice for you and would help you with your goals. I had a bit of an issue with the man boobs myself as you can see from my pics. The great thing about P90X is that not only is it a great workout but it teaches you how to eat properly too so that you can build muscle and burn off that fat layer that’s covering the muscles.

      If you decide to try P90X, you can get a legit copy through this link for the basic package, or this link for the peak results package and you’ll get 2 bonus workouts from the P90X One-On-One series plus I’ll be assigned as your free coach so I can help you out along the way and you can be part of my support group of nearly 200 people doing Beachbody workouts!

      • Jeremy says:

        Go Green!

        I think I’ll try and order the challenge pack and see what happens. Is there a list online of the equipment you need to buy?


        • Coach Dan says:

          Oh yes, I didn’t mention the challenge pack… here’s a link for that. Again that link would make you part of my team if you’d like to be part of my private support group on Facebook.

          As for equipment, the minimum you’ll need is resistance bands and a pull up bar. You can skip the resistance bands if you have or would like to get some dumb bells instead. Personally, I have the Bowflex Selecttech adjustables and I know others who like the Powerblock adjustables. They’re not cheap but they are a great investment and you’ll get a lot of use out of them.

  15. You look so hot. can’t wait to add P90X to my conquered list!

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