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Congratulations on becoming a Beachbody coach!  This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime and you are part of it at exactly the right time!  All the information coming at you can seem a little overwhelming at first, so I wanted to put together this page to help get you off to a good start.

First of all, don’t expect to learn everything there is to know in a day, a week, or even a month.  Just take it a step at a time and you’ll become pretty comfortable with how things work before you know it.  I still don’t know everything but it’s not stopping me from taking action!

One thing I’ll tell you right up front is that Shakeology is our number one selling product and is the product that is going to build your income because it’s a continuity product, meaning your customers order it month after month.  So if you’re not on Shakeology autoship yourself, what are you going to tell potential customers when they ask you about it?  You must be a product of the product if you want to have any credibility at all.  Plus, that’s the easiest way to maintain “active” status as a coach …not to mention it’s an amazing product!  I’ve been drinking it every day for nearly two years, was drinking it long before I became a coach, and would do so even if I wasn’t a coach.  If you’re serious about this, one of the first things you should do is place your Shakeology autoship order!

After you’ve taken care of that…


Here are the 3 Vital Behaviors to do every day:

(1) Invite. Invite. Invite. As many people as possible. Every day. Invite people to join your Beachbody Challenge Group. Have the courage to invite everyone you come into contact with. Invite. Then invite more.

(2) Be the proof the products work. Use the workout programs. Drink Shakeology.  Be a walking success story in progress.

(3) Personal development. Every day, read, listen to books on tape, use the “SUCCESS” tab in the coach online office. Our most successful coaches don’t skip this; they aggressively seek personal development, constantly. Do not underestimate the importance of personal development, it will make all the difference!


Two things to shoot for!

Your first goal should be to become an Emerald coach as soon as possible!  Why?  When you are an Emerald coach, Beachbody starts to GIVE you paying customers!  You know those 70,000 people per week that buy P90X, Insanity etc. from seeing them on an infomercial?  Beachbody gives those customers to Emerald coaches and higher!  In simplest terms, Emerald means you need two personally sponsored “active” coaches, one in your right leg and one in your left (if you don’t know what this means, get in touch with me!) What most people will do is sign up their spouse, significant other, close friend (or all of the above). I signed up my wife as a coach when I first started (and set up a Shakeology autoship order through her account to make her “active”) which meant I was half way to Emerald right out of the gate. So consider that and/or think of someone in your life…a friend, a relative, a coworker…someone who you think might be interested or might be a good fit for this opportunity. You don’t have to explain it to them, simply have them watch the recorded opportunity webinar at… .

To clarify, each of those two personally sponsored coaches needs to be “active” which simply means that they need to purchase at least $50 a month of product.  The easiest and truly the best way to stay active is to place a Shakeology autoship order.  So those two coaches could even be people that just want Shakeology at a 25% discount, they don’t have to actually do any “coaching” or build a business.  They can just register a coach account, place their Shakeology autoship order and bingo, you have two active “coaches”.  The other requirements for Emerald are that you have to be a Team Beachbody Club member (which is just $38 billed quarterly), and you have to fill out your Team Beachbody bio and include at least a “before” picture on it.  I’m telling you, you want to be Emerald!

The other thing to shoot for is Success Club.  In addition to many other benefits of making Success Club, one awesome benefit is that Beachbody gives you paying Shakeology customers!  You make $30 per month for each Shakeology customer, so how awesome would it be to have Beachbody GIVE you those?  Yeah, that’s Success Club.  Here’s a good breakdown of what Success Club is and how to qualify each month.

You’ll naturally hit Success Club by simply creating Challenge Groups as explained below.


Some Simple Strategies You Can Implement Right Away

I know this is a lot of information but don’t wait until you feel like you know everything there is to know before you actually do something!  Here are some tactics the top earning coaches in the company use on a daily basis.

1) Start a Challenge GroupThis is the best way to build your business for the long term!  Even coaches who have been around a while without much success are killing it with challenge groups!  Beachbody has recently made this easier than ever by creating ‘Challenge Packs’ which includes a Beachbody workout program of one’s choice along with Shakeology and Club Membership all bundled together at a discounted price with free shipping.   On the main page of your coach online office, you can hover your mouse over the “Sales & Marketing” tab at the top, then drag down to “Beachbody Challenge”… you’ll find a lot of good info there about Beachbody Challenge groups.

To find your referral link for a particular challenge pack (or any Beachbody product for that matter), you can use this resource created by a team member:  …Just enter your coach # in the space provided on that page and then scroll down the page to the Challenge Pack section to find your link for the program you’ll be using in your challenge group. That is the link you can give to your challengers to purchase their challenge pack through you.  Again, you can find your individual referral link for just about every Beachbody product using this resource.


Creating And Running Challenge Groups – Step By Step Explanation

– Create a private Facebook group.  Log into Facebook and on the left side of the page click on “Create Group”…name your group, select “closed group” and then click on “create”…takes 10 seconds.

– Use the 5 step process to invite people to your challenge group.  This has been tested and tweaked, don’t re-invent the wheel!  You can change the wording a bit to make it sound more like you and fit your personality.  You can find the 5 step process by clicking here. I’d also recommend watching this video that goes over the 5 steps as well as possible objections that may come up and how to handle them.

– Here’s a video that will explain the easiest way to run your Facebook group and keep people moving though your challenge group every 30 days…watch the video here.

This is the welcome video she mentions…here’s the actual URL you post in your group to welcome new challengers:

These are the 10 Challenge commitments referenced in the welcome video.  In your FB group, create a document/file and copy and paste this.

This is the exit video you show your challengers 2 weeks before their challenge is up…and here’s the actual URL to post in the group:

Making your own videos using those as an example would be even more of a personal touch!

“But what do I post in my challenge group each day to keep people motivated?”  Beachbody has made that easy for you too.  Just go to this page in your online coach office and you’ll find Challenge Group Guides for most of the popular workout programs as well as a Shakeology challenge group guide.  It tells you exactly what to post each day and even has videos from the trainers themselves that you can post in your group!  You don’t even have to think…just copy and paste!

That’s all there is to running a challenge group. It should be an ongoing process of finding at least 5 new people each month to take part in your challenge. Can’t think of anyone to invite? Use this memory jogger to help you. Those challengers will then remain as customers or will want to become coaches themselves and run their own challenge groups. This is where duplication kicks in and your organization and income grow exponentially to the point that you couldn’t stop it if you wanted to!

DON’T WAIT TO GET STARTED! Too many people get hung up on trying to understand everything there is to know before they actually take action…big mistake!  Start today by sending out 10 invites to a challenge group using the “5 step invitation process” above. Then you can learn as you go!  If you need help, let your sponsoring coach know.

2) Start a Shakeology Challenge Group – For those people who just aren’t quite ready to commit to a workout program 6 days a week, we can at least help them get on the road to better nutrition!  Shakeology challenge groups can be the fastest way to build your business for a couple reasons.  First of all, Shakeology, as I mentioned earlier, is really the heart and soul of the Beachbody business opportunity.  It’s the number one selling product and this is where your recurring income is built.  Second, a Shakeology challenge group is typically only going to be a 30 day challenge, so you can turn some of your challenge customers into coaches quicker and they in turn can do the same thing.  Are you following me here?  Once this process starts to duplicate, your income can really grow in a relatively short period of time.  Why would your challengers want to become coaches?  So they can get a 25% discount on Shakeology number one, and number two they can start their own challenge groups and build an income themselves…and so on and so on.

Like any other challenge group, the first step is to invite some people to your challenge.  Your personality, your relationship with the people you’re inviting, how much you talk about Shakeology either in person or on Facebook etc. will determine how you word your invitation.  But remember this…facts tell, stories sell.  Most people don’t really want or need to know every single ingredient in Shakeology but if they hear a story and/or see before and after pictures of someone who has been helped by drinking Shakeology…that’s powerful!  You can find a lot of these stories and pictures on the Facebook Shakeology page by clicking here …When you start to share these pics on your Facebook wall every so often, and also share your own experience and results, people will take notice and start to become curious about it.

– Invite: Keep it simple… “Hey Joe, we are starting this 30 Day Shakeology Challenge group, kind of like a Biggest Loser type challenge.  I have space for just a few more people so I’m coming to you first and giving you first opportunity to take a look before I start inviting this long list of people.   This is your chance to try Shakeology risk free.  Would you like to hear more about that?”

– If they don’t really know what Shakeology is or want to know more about it, send them the Doctor’s Don’t Lie video.  Replace where it says DocDaniel in the link below with your username:

– If they ask “what do you mean risk free?”, explain that there’s a 30 day bottom-of-the-bag guarantee so if they find they don’t like it or don’t love the results they can return even an empty bag and get their money back!  They have nothing to lose (except some weight).

– If they want to know more details about the challenge group:  The commitment is 30 days…replace one meal a day with Shakeology, and check in at least once a day to the private Facebook Challenge Group accountability page for support and motivation. The Challenge Group begins on (add start date) so you’ll need to get your order in at least a week before the start date.

– If they’re ready to go, send them the link to your Shakeology site which is  (of course replace yourusername with your actual user name!) Another thing I require is that they select the autoship option when ordering (this is the only way you’ll get your Success Club points).  I simply explain that this will save them $10-$15 on shipping and that it’s easy to cancel autoship if they need to so they might as well save some money.

– If you run into objections along the way or if someone doesn’t respond, check out this document for tips on how to handle it:

– What to post in your Facebook group once you’re up and running?  There is a Shakeology challenge group guide available in your online coach office.  Again, just go to this page in your online coach office and look for the Shakeology guide.  They have it set up as a 90 day challenge which is fine if you want to do that.  I prefer to do a 30 day challenge because it’s easier to hold people’s attention for 30 days and, as I mentioned earlier, you will build your team quicker this way as some of your challengers will want to become coaches.

– At the end of the 30 day challenge, you give them two options…they can remain a Shakeology retail customer, or they can become a discount member (also known as a coach) so they can save 25% on Shakeology and build an income by starting their own challenge groups!

Get this process duplicating over and over and see what happens to your Beachbody income!

(Picture you can use for Facebook)

3) Wear and Share – One of the easiest things you can do is buy Beachbody logo wear like a P90X t-shirt, polo shirt, hat etc. and wear it when you’re out and about.  You can find apparel in your coach office under the “Sales & Marketing” tab then “Team Beachbody Mall”.  You’ll get people coming up to you asking about it.  Strike up a conversation, get their email address, phone number or Facebook so you can send them a message later and invite them to participate in a challenge group.   If you have someone who is interested in the coaching opportunity, just send them to the recorded opportunity webinar at and let Doug & Tammie do all the explaining…they’re very good at it!

It’s really just all about reaching out to people who need our help, and there are millions of them out there!  Simply share your story and let them know what has worked for you.  Here’s a successful Beachbody coach’s story of how she approaches the business…I think it’s pretty good, give it a read.

That should be plenty of information to get you going.  In fact, that’s plenty of information to build a 6 figure business if that’s what you want to do.

Of course, feel free to contact me anytime with any questions.

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