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I’ve been doing P90X, P90X Plus, and Insanity for about two years now, and I’ve learned a lot by trial and error, as well as lots of research, about supplements.  There are some supplements I’ve tried that really didn’t seem to do anything for me and others that I feel have been very effective.  Below is the list of supplements I am currently using that have worked very well for me so that you can evaluate if these are supplements you want to try as well.

In my experience they will help you reach your goals much faster than without them.  For me personally, I wouldn’t want to put in the time, effort, and energy into an intense workout program like P90X or Insanity without having these supplements to maximize the benefits of all that hard work.  With that said, here’s my favorite supplements — the ones I feel are well worth the cost:

Shakeology – This is by far my favorite P90X supplement. If there was only one supplement I could use, this would be it. I gave it a trial run just to see what the hype was about (they offer a 30 day guarantee so you have nothing to lose). Well, after the first month on Shakeology, I signed up for home direct and have been using it EVERY day since. If you weigh the costs of this vs. what you currently eat at breakfast or lunch, and want to use this as a meal replacement, then you won’t even spend any more money than you are now, and you’ll be fueling your body with the best possible nutrition to maximize your results with your fitness. I’ve used it every day for almost a year and a half now, and I believe it’s one of the keys to the amazing fitness and health results I now enjoy!  You can see my full review of Shakeology by clicking here.

P90X Results/Recovery Formula – I am a firm believer in the Results/Recovery Formula after using it for nearly two years and seeing / feeling the results in myself.  I love the way it makes me feel. No more post-workout fatigue and it greatly reduces soreness.  This is exactly what your muscles need to refuel and maximize their potential following a hard workout.  It has 10 g of protein giving this product the ideal 4:1 carb to protein ratio for post workout absorption.  It also contains arginine and glutamine, which facilitate muscle recovery and energy replenishment.  It has an excellent balance of electrolytes and vitamins to replace what has been depleted during exercise.  Learn more about Results/Recovery formula by clicking here.

– Whey Protein Powder – You will need to consume a lot of protein to fuel your muscles. A good quality protein powder is critical to giving you what your body needs.  It can be tough to get enough protein in the foods you eat and supplementing becomes necessary.  Beachbody sells whey protein powder, but I primarily use Optimum Nutrition Gold 100% Whey because it is more affordable.

– Creatine – This supplement helps volumize the muscles with water so that they can draw more nutrients in to aid with recovery and muscle building. You can click here to see the stuff I use.  With creatine you need to cycle 2 months on and 1 month off. If you are unsure about using creatine, google it and read reviews.  Let me also add that I did not use creatine until my fourth round of P90X, so it is possible to get great results without it.  My transformation pictures you see are before I started using creatine.  I now want to take my results to the next level which is why I started incorporating it.

– Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules – I’ve been using these for several years before I ever even heard of P90X.  It’s good for your heart, for your brain, for your eyes, hair, and skin, it decreases inflammation and a number of other things.  I feel this is something everybody should be taking whether you’re working out or not.  I use Beachbody’s brand of omega 3 capsules because it’s made from 100% pure, premium ingredients and it doesn’t give you that nasty fishy aftertaste that a lot of others do.

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  1. Jason says:

    Did you follow the meal plan? I have the hardest time following the meal plan.. I just couldn’t eat that much food.. it made me feel sick.

    • Coach Dan says:

      Yes I followed the meal plan. I didn’t prepare the actual meals in the nutrition guide, but I followed the amount of calories I was supposed to take in and the macronutrient ratios of the different phases (protein/carbs/fats). The amount of calories that the nutrition guide tells you to take in is actually to maintain your current weight…so if your goal is to lose weight you should subtract anywhere from 500-1000 calories per day from that total. Maybe that’s why you felt you couldn’t eat that much. For example, based on my starting stats, the nutrition guide says I should be taking in 3,000 calories per day. Since I was trying to lose weight, I started at about 2,000-2,200 calories per day.

      • Jason says:

        I weigh 180lbs and really didn’t need to lose weight, but simply get trim and build muscle. I was still unable to eat the required meals. I remember making eggs and could hardly finish eating the 6 large eggs that morning without feeling stuffed.

        • Coach Dan says:

          You can try backing off on the number of calories you’re eating per day as long as you have the energy to get through the workouts. How many calories per day do you currently ingest?

  2. Alex says:

    I’m a teenage athlete looking for some more muscule. I don’t need to lose weight. So if I don’t follow the nutrition plan will I still get good results?

  3. James says:

    Do you HAVE to take supplements?
    I am 18 and I am not too sure about those supplements. Is there a way without them?

  4. Brandon says:

    I’m 19 and I weigh 150 lbs, and I’m 5’8″. My goal is to get toned within 3 months. The only problems I have is, I was once bigger(fat)….and when I lost all my weight, I still had my man boobs as they call it. But they are almost gone. I would like to know how to get rid of them with my stomach gut just a little. My body fat percentage is around 14-16%. I just want to be toned, six pack going and firm chest. HELP PLEASE!!!

    • Coach Dan says:

      Well the way to do that is through exercise and proper nutrition. Are you doing any kind of workout currently? The P90X program would certainly help you achieve the goals you stated.

  5. Brandon says:

    The workouts I’m currently doing now is going to the gym every other day doing 20mins of cardio one day and the next day I do weight lifting…..so on and so forth. I don’t eat alot because I never have an appetite. But when I do eat, I eat like 2-3 small meals a day. Not even meals because how small they is. But it be vegetables and meat when I eat. So p90x is the best route to achieve my results fast? At least by february so I can see results.

    • Coach Dan says:

      Are your current workouts getting you the results you want? My guess is no. I used to work out at the gym for years and never really got great results. Not that there’s anything wrong with going to the gym but most people at the gym have no real plan and don’t push themselves nearly hard enough to get the results they’re looking for. Also, eating so little can actually be counterproductive. The nice thing about a workout like P90X is you just follow along with the videos so there’s no guesswork AND it comes with a nutrition guide so that you know how much, how often, and what to eat. If you get P90X from the official site by clicking here, that will also make me your free coach so I can help you out along the way.

  6. Brandon says:

    Is this workout guaranteed my results within 90 days if I follow the nutrition diet and workout as direction.

  7. Brandon says:

    Ok thanks. I’m going to give it a try. But also, can you tell me the differences between the classic, doubles, and lean. Which do you think better suits me? My weekly schedule is working at BMW 10hr shifts, 4 days a week.

    • Coach Dan says:

      I’d recommend Classic, that’s what I did. The lean version is basically just an easier version…doubles means you do a cardio workout (cardio X) in addition to your main workout on resistance training days.

  8. Brandon says:

    Is the nutrition diet plan expensive? Can I do my workouts at the gym since they have the equipment needed?

    • Coach Dan says:

      No it doesn’t have to be expensive. I guess it just depends what you’re comparing it too. You can get frozen vegetables and you can buy your protein (chicken, fish) in bulk and freeze it etc. at a pretty reasonable cost. Yes you can do your workouts at the gym as long as you have something to play the DVDs on.

  9. Roxy says:

    Hi, I’m 30, 120 lbs skinny but fat on my waist, I want to gain muscle but loose only the fat on my waist area. What would be the right product for me?

    • Coach Dan says:

      Hi Roxy…workout wise, P90X would be a good option for you since gaining muscle is one of your goals. It will help you lose the fat around your waist area too since there are also cardio based workouts in P90X. Plus, building muscle will help your body burn more calories even at rest which will also contribute to fat loss.

      Supplement wise, Shakeology is a great option. It’s a meal replacement shake that helps you lose weight in addition to a host of other benefits. Proper nutrition is critical to getting good results and Shakeology is extremely nutrient dense while still being low calorie. You can read more about it by clicking here. This is the exact combination (P90X and Shakeology) I used and continue to use to get my results.

      You can get P90X from the official site by clicking here…this will also automatically make me your free coach so I can help you out along the way.

  10. Kyle says:

    I just recently ordered p90x and have not recieved it yet. Are there any tips I should know before I recieve and begin p90x??

    • Coach Dan says:

      The best tips I can give are to trust the program, follow it as scheduled, and simply do the best you can. Depending on your current level of fitness, it will likely be very difficult at first and there will be things you struggle with. That’s ok, just do your best and you will get stronger and stronger with each passing week.

      Also, proper nutrition will account for the majority of your results so make sure you follow the nutrition guide!

  11. Ethan says:

    Hey Dan,
    I came across your page and your results are great! I’m 21 and trying to lose the layer of fat that covers my long lost abs. When I first looked at the nutrition guide, I was intimidated at what it had to offer perhaps I was confused and overwhelmed. When I work out I do eat alot better and will go back and look at the guide.

    My question to you is can I succeed just as well with only optimum nutrition whey protein or do I need to spend extra on the recovery and shakeology powders. I’ve invested in protein bars and whey protein powder. Tonight is night 1 of p90x and I can’t wait to start. I imagine to take my first week slowly and don’t over kill it. I have completed 2 weeks of p90x before last year but got all caught up with Finals (senior in college) but now I have no excuse to stop.

    Were there ever times you needed to use extra motivation and if so what helped you to continue on with your workouts?

    Thanks for all the input and other comments,


    • Coach Dan says:

      Hey Ethan…whey protein, the recovery drink, and Shakeology are three very different things. I use Optimum Nutrition whey myself, I add it to my Shakeology shakes. You can still do ok without the supplements, but in my experience you can get even better results with them.

      Yes, everyone runs into motivation problems at one point or another. Here’s a post I wrote that might help: http://www.homefitnessfanatic.com/321/staying-motivated-with-p90x

      Good luck with day 1 and just do the best you can…you’ll get stronger and stronger with each passing week.

      • Ethan says:

        Thanks for the reply about the supplement information. I know what each does but right now I have the whey protein and will be using that daily.

        I would like to say I finished my Day 1 of chest and back (classic p90x) and I felt awful initially. I stayed the course last night put up with the nauseousness towards the end. I took a couple 1 min breaks but I did my best and because of it I feel the burn in my body today! I can’t believe I woke up and I told myself I want more so more is what I will do. I admit I took a 30 minute break after chest and back before I did the ab ripper x. By the end of ab ripper x my core was super sore.

        Can’t wait to continue with it, and thanks for everything!

  12. Steve B says:

    I have had 2 lower back surgeries. Partial removal of Disc in L4-L5. Will I be able to do the complete program or will I need to modify the program and are the suggestions in the program.

    I need to loose about 20 lbs and improve my core muscles to reduce the chance of more back problems.

    • Coach Dan says:

      It’s hard for me to say for sure…you’d likely need to modify some things. It would be best to check with your doctor and see if something like P90X would be recommended for you. I do however know of a couple people with similar back issues that have done the program with excellent results.

  13. Brett says:

    Hey Dan I’m 22 years old and 193 pounds I go to the gym 5 days a week sometimes twice a day in the past two months I’ve lost 10 pounds but I still have this terrible muffin top look going on. I have a very strong muscular looking upper body and dot want to lose it I’m just curious if u think p90x will give me the results I’m looking for without sacrificing my size.

    • Coach Dan says:

      Absolutely Brett. P90X will help you lean out and lose that muffin top without sacrificing muscle mass…in fact, you’ll probably gain some muscle mass in the process. Proper nutrition is a big part of it but the P90X nutrition guide will help with that provided that you get a legit copy of P90X. The fake ones out there sometimes don’t include the nutrition guide. You can be assured of getting a real copy from the official site here.

  14. Brian says:

    Hi Dan,
    I have a couple questions for you. I currently have a position where I travel for my profession. Usually this is Mon-Thur and home on the weekends. As you can expect it makes having a normal workout routine challenging. I usually try to stay in hotels that have a fitness center but those are always limited. I used be a frequent member of a local gym but suffered a torn ligament in my arm in my chest routine and I quit due to discomfort. I have now healed completely and still stay away from heavy bench presses or any realted exersize. I have been thinking about P90X because I can take resistance bands along. I currently run around 4-5 miles four to five times a week. The good news with my current position is I have a expense account so I can plan meals by purchasing food from a grocery store vs eating out. I have found I can really get a lot of good quality food for about 200$ a week. Will I get good results with using the resistance bands over dumbells when I am on the road? Will I still need to incoperate weight training or will P90X be sufficiant? I am not interested in bulking up (i got over that a long tme ago) my main interest is muscle definition. Do you know if they make a pull-up bar that could be travel friendly? If not will I be able to get good results without it while on the road?

    • Coach Dan says:

      Hey Brian…you can definitely get good results with the resistance bands. What you can also do is make one of the days on the road your rest day so that you’re working out three days on the road and three days at home. That way you can also get some dumbbell work in at home if you really want to. But yes, you’ll still get good results with resistance bands…I know a number of people who have.

      That’s great that you won’t have to eat out a lot even though you’ll be on the road. Nutrition will be the biggest factor in the results you get!

      I’m not aware of a pull up bar that would be travel friendly so you’ll probably have to use the resistance bands instead. Or like I said above, time it so that one of the workouts that calls for pull ups falls on a day that you’ll be home. But if you’re not concerned about bulking up then it really shouldn’t matter.

      If you decide to try P90X, you can get it through this link for the basic package, or this link for the peak results package and you’ll get 2 bonus workouts from the P90X One-On-One series plus I’ll be assigned as your free coach so I can help you out along the way and you can be part of my support group of nearly 200 people doing Beachbody workouts!

  15. Larry says:

    The whey and eggs have always been my downfall with any sort of nutritional regimen because I have a food intolerance to eggs (think: not as bad as a food allergy because there’s no risk of going into shock and dying, but still very uncomfortable.) Do they allow for alternates in the nutritional program?

    • Daniel says:

      Hey Larry…yes there are alternate options in the nutrition guide that comes with the program. There are ways to get protein other than whey and/or eggs. I’ll sometimes use SunWarrior vegan protein powder if I need some extra protein, and the Vegan Shakeology options are also a good choice…but there are other options as well!

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