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UPDATE:  I’m no longer offering samples at this time.  Since Beachbody is offering a 30 day bottom-of-the-bag guarantee, I’ve found that it makes more sense to just order a bag if you really want to try it.  This way, you have 30 servings to play around with different recipes and varying the amount of liquid (water, skim milk, almond milk etc.) and ice to get the consistency you like.  If you find after trying it for that long that you don’t like it, you can return it for a refund – even if the bag is empty!  So consider it a 30 day sample instead of a 1 day sample!  To order, you can go to the official website by clicking here

Money saving tip:  Choose the monthly autoship option even if you’re not sure you’ll stay with it (it’s easy to cancel).  This will save you $10-$15 on shipping!


Shakeology has been one of the biggest keys to my weight loss and fitness transformation.  I get a lot of emails from people who really want to try it before they buy it.  I’ve been using it every day for about a year now and I’m such a huge believer in it that I will send you a sample on my own dime if you’d like to try it.

As I explain in my Shakeology review, I’m actually saving about $100 per month by using Shakeology as a meal replacement. I used to eat out for lunch every day and spend around $7-$8 per day whereas Shakeology comes out to about $4 per serving. A million times healthier than what I used to eat and saves me money. Nice!

shakeology sample

I love me some Shakeology!

Shakeology is only available through Beachbody coaches like myself so if you aren’t serious about ordering Shakeology through me if you like it, or if you think you can’t afford it ($119 for a 30 day supply) then please don’t ask for a sample because it costs me about $6 of my own money to send each sample out.  Please respect that. This isn’t just a freebie giveaway, this is for people that are 100% sure they will order if they like it…and I will be following up with you.  Thanks!

Here are two quick tips when you do eventually order…choose the 30 servings in a BAG (the other option is only 24 servings), and choose the monthly autoship option even if you’re not sure if you’ll stay with it (it’s easy to cancel).  This will save you $10-$15 on shipping!  Who’s lookin’ out for ya?

The requirements for receiving a free Shakeology sample – Please read carefully!!!

1) Create your free Team Beachbody account by clicking here.  This will assign me as your Beachbody coach. If you skip this step, I cannot send a sample! (yes I do check)

Note: If you already have a Team Beachbody account, then you were most likely assigned a coach at random. To make me your coach instead so I can send you a sample, click here to find out how to make the coach switch.  I must be your assigned coach for me to send you a sample, NO EXCEPTIONS!

2) You MUST be serious about ordering Shakeology through me if you like the taste! Remember, Shakeology is only available through the Beachbody coach network.


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  1. You feel very passionate about shakeology and its great that you post these blogs to inform potential customers. I’m currently unemployed (but looking) so I cant afford to get the shakeology or other vitamins. I’ve tried Activit Vitamins and love them! They give such great energy, which is especially helpful since my insomnia medicine keeps me groggy all day otherwise. When I moved last year, I lost my new bottle of activit and later found it in a box in the garage, where the humidity DESTROYED it. Have you tried Activit?

    • Coach Dan says:

      Hi Lyssa…yes I use Activit vitamins, I love them too. I don’t take them as much since I started drinking Shakeology over a year ago.

      Are you doing P90X or another Beachbody workout program?

      • I have P90X and I’ve tried it but have to build up the stamina to really get anything out of it. I’m just SO far out of shape. My doctor wants me to just stick with exercises in my gym’s swimming pool until I lose some weight first. I also have other DVD’s and I’m gunna try to incorporate as much Turbo Fire as I can (since it doesnt require all the gadgets and stuff for p90X). Today’s the first day I actually stuck with eating better through the whole day (I know one day isn’t much to brag about, but its a start) and I already have more energy. I’ve been on this battle before and I know once the workout habit develops, I’ll have more energy and feel better overall. It’s just GETTING into the habit itself that sucks but I just am trying to tell myself “either get it over with or feel miserable the rest of your life”. I’ve gone from 119 lbs to 289! I’m ready to fit into cute clothes again and quit wearing only yoga pants lol

        • Coach Dan says:

          Turbo Fire is a great workout too! I would do that over going to the gym…too many people simply have no plan at the gym and don’t push themselves nearly hard enough to get any results. I know because I used to be one of those people. Sitting on a recumbent bike for an hour reading a magazine just isn’t going to get it done!

          I’ll also say that proper nutrition will account for about 80% of your results so definitely make that a priority! Keep me posted on how you’re doing and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about anything. Bring it!

  2. Do you mix anything with shakeology? I heard some people add things to it and make their own variety of flavors. I had a sample of shakeology when I ordered p90x and I thought it tasted HORRIBLE but so many people love it

    • Coach Dan says:

      I personally don’t mix anything with Shakeology, but a lot of people will mix in fruit, peanut butter, etc. I like it plain…one scoop chocolate Shakeology, 8-10 oz of either water or skim milk and about 7 ice cubes mixed in a blender. Did you sample the chocolate or greenberry? Not as many people like the greenberry but it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t like the chocolate. I love it, tastes just like a chocolate shake to me. Even my wife and 12 year old daughter love it, and that’s saying a lot! Lol. They’re also coming out with a Tropical flavor towards the end of the year which should be good.

      • Tropical would prob be good. I’m not sure what it was I tried… I thought it was supposed to be chocolate because it was brown but it tasted really bitter and bland. It was still kind of lumpy ‘cuz I didnt have a blender at the time so I just stirred it with a spoon but I couldnt even get myself to force it down. How does it compare nutritionally to slim fast? I love slim fast and it’s easier to access when I need to purchase. I friended ya on

        • Coach Dan says:

          Sounds like you just didn’t prepare it right…you definitely need to blend it up with some ice in my opinion. Nutritionally there is no comparison between Slim Fast and Shakeology. All you have to do is look at the ingredients list. There’s a lot of artificial and unhealthy stuff in Slim Fast like aspartame and splenda, high fructose corn syrup, and trans fats just to name a few.

  3. Staci says:

    What would you suggest me to do for a workout and supplement to tone my body in my problem areas which happen to be my stomach and thighs. I had my first child two years ago and am still having a bit of trouble with tightening my core muscles that were over stretched. Any helpful advice you could give me would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

    • Coach Dan says:

      Hi Staci…a program like Hip Hop Abs would be a good choice if you like a dancing type of workout. Another one that might interest you is Turbo Jam. They’re both full body workouts but are focused on stomach and thighs.

      Of course proper nutrition plays a huge role in getting toned and losing fat which is where a supplement like Shakeology comes in. It’s extremely nutrient dense but low calorie. I’ve been drinking it for over a year and a half and it really helps fill in the gaps in my nutrition. If I were to use only one supplement, it would be Shakeology by a mile.

  4. Ryan Lenz says:

    So I’ve heard great things about Shakeology (obviously) however I do NOT need to lose weight! I am 22 standing at 6’2 and 160 lbs. I need to gain more muscle rather than lose any fat. I have been doing P90x (mostly the lifting workouts) every week for about a year and have definitely built some muscle and seen more definition but would like a little more. As far as protein post-workout I have been using GNC’s Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60…if there is anything you could suggest to help me build some more muscle that would be great. However, I am against taking any caffeine induced heart stopping pre-workout supplements! Thanks!


    • Coach Dan says:

      Hey Ryan…yes Shakeology is a great supplement in my experience. It’s not necessarily a weight loss supplement, although weight loss is typically the result if you’re overweight to begin with. Overall, it’s an extremely nutrient dense supplement that provides your body with what it needs to perform at it’s best. Other than that, you might want to consider adding a creatine supplement.

      Do you know how many calories per day you’re taking in? I’m calculating that you’d want to be taking in at least 3,000-3,100 calories per day in order to build mass. You can use the MyFitnessPal app to track what you’re eating.

  5. Robin says:

    I was wondering what you thought was the best workout for stomach and thighs. I am not that much overweight….I am 5’5″ and weigh about 125 lbs so I want to lose about 10 lbs. From 2 pregancies my stomach is horrible and I want to wear a bikini again!!!
    Thanks =)

    • Coach Dan says:

      Hi Robin…there are a number of great programs to chose from, but my top recommendations would be Les Mills Pump, Turbofire, and Insanity. It depends on your current level of fitness too. If you haven’t been working out much lately, Insanity might be a bit too intense to start with. Les Mills Pump is great for any level of fitness because you can control the intensity by adjusting the amount of weight you use. Turbofire is a great cardio workout and is a little more dance based and requires a bit of coordination which is why it seems to be preferred by women much more than men. Any one of those will get you the results you’re looking for though.

      You also get a bonus workout when using one of the three links above plus I would be assigned as your free coach so I can help you out along the way if needed.

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